22 March 2021

How to make a good Instagram story - Using the latest Instagram Story trends

With over one billion active users, learning how to create cool stories on Instagram is an important way to get your content seen. Though Instagram may seem like an easy platform to get attention on, with over one billion users, getting a big reach on Instagram takes intention and planning. Instagram Stories are one of the best ways to increase engagement, sell products, and connect with your followers in a more personal way. In this article, we will discuss why Instagram Stories are powerful, how to create better Instagram Stories, how to create video for Instagram Stories and look at some popular Instagram Story trends.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories were created to rival Snapchat's growing success in 2015. Snapchat began to take over as the instant image sharing app whereas posting on Instagram was typically less instant and more manicured photos. Instagram saw the popularity of Snapchat and decided to launch their own instant photo sharing tool - Instagram Stories. The beauty of Instagram Stories is that they don't show up in your main Instagram feed. Your Instagram Stories only appear on your Instagram account for 24 hours and then vanish forever (unless you choose to save them). This format makes Instagram Stories a less manicured and more relaxed way for people and brands to post to their accounts. Often brands put big-budget into their "in-feed" Instagram posts to make them look polished and professional. Polished content actually does worse on Instagram Stories than rawer and "authentic" looking content. You could think of Instagram Stories as a place for super-fans to see even more information on their favorite brands and people. Even top brands are releasing Instagram Stories shot on iPhone - no professional filmmakers, lights, insane editing techniques.

How to Create Better Instagram Stories

Although Instagram Stories at the surface seem less polished, there is a lot that goes into making successful Instagram Stories. Simply throwing up a story and thinking it will work is not an option anymore. There are over 500 Million Instagram Stories posted every single day so standing out amongst the noise takes work. Below we will outline how to create standout content for instagram stories.

  1. Music

Instagram added a feature that allows users to add music from Spotify into their Instagram Stories. Music is a major way that followers will connect with an account so it makes sense to utilize this feature. If your followers have a similar taste in music you will get more engagement on your story by choosing a popular song. To get even more professional results you can add music and sound effects to your Instagram Stories in a mobile editor like the Splice App.

  1. Instagram Polls

Instagram Story polls are one of the most useful and least talked about features on Instagram Stories. With the poll feature on Instagram you get to send out a voting poll to your followers on any topic you like. It's an easy and free way to get direct access to what your followers are thinking! You can ask your followers what they want to see next, what they like, what they don't like... In addition to helping you make better content, Instagram polls will make your audience feel more connected as they get to participate in your content. Instagram Story polls are one of the best ways to understand your followers better and increase your Instagram engagement - try experimenting with them!

  1. Use Video

The big question with social media always is, photos or video? Which will do better? When it comes to Instagram Stories videos get a 50% more engagement rate than photos. Simply shoot your Instagram Stories on your phone and touch them up on a mobile editor such as the Splice App. Don't forget that Instagram stories is a vertically based platform. This means that all your photography and videos for Instagram Stories should be shot in vertical 9:16 aspect ratio. For more information on vertical video content check out our blog post on shooting vertical content.

  1. Instagram Story Mentions

Instagram Stories allow you to tag other accounts that are related to your story. This will notify the account that is tagged and they can choose to repost the story on their own account. When a user shares your story to their account your account will be linked which typically leads to a lot of visitors to your profile. To get even more reach on your instagram stories try tagging any brands or venues associated with your content to try and get a share on their account. Using Instagram story mentions will expand your reach significantly and usually is a great way to gain followers.

  1. Use Stickers

Instagram Story stickers are a great way to make your instagram stories more unique. By clicking the "sticker" button in your Instagram Story panel you will have access to add a huge amount of stickers including; location stickers, temperature, hashtags, countdowns and a whole bunch more! Get creative and explore some of the stickers available to create cool stories on Instagram.

Instagram Stories Summary

With over 1 billion users on Instagram, there is no doubt that Instagram Stories are an absolute marketing powerhouse. You need to learn how to create cool stories on Instagram to get your content seen these days. Start experimenting with your Instagram Stories, be creative, and maximize your reach with the Instagram Story tips in this article.

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