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mobile video editor.

Why is Splice so popular with influencers? Because it's got a stack of intuitive features that help make videos the world wants to see.

Why edit videos with Splice?

user experience

pro-level tools

music library

Introducing Speed Ramp.

Pick up the pace or slow things down when the action gets good. Because, in your videos, why do the laws of space and time need to apply?

Keep projects on track.

No need to pick which projects to keep and which to delete. Have as many on the go as you want, thanks to Splice’s advanced editor workflow.

Blue sneakers? Really?!

Luckily, with chroma key, you can change the color in just a tap! (Pro tip: Changing them to yellow isn't any better...)

And many more
coming soon!

Just as the Splice community keeps evolving, so does our app. We’re forever adding new features and ideas from our community members.

Suggest a feature

coming soon

Automatic subtitles.

Having subtitles is cool right? What about having the subtitles generate themselves? Thats right, Splice is going to do that for you, very soon.

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