27 April 2021

How to Start Social Media Live Streaming

Social Media Live Streaming

Social media live streaming has taken the online world by storm lately. Live streaming social media platforms have greatly increased in popularity. There is something admittingly more exciting about watching events unfold in real-time! Viewers love live content because nobody knows how it's going to end yet! Not even the people involved in the live video know what the outcome will be and that can make it gripping to watch. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube have all capitalized on the live streaming trend over the last 3 years and made it very easy to get started. In order for you or your brand to have a strong online presence live streaming is key. Live streaming used to take a massive crew with expensive gear, antennas, and an endless budget. Luckily now, we all have a live streaming device in our pockets - our smartphones. In this article, we will talk about live video trends, why live streaming is popular, tips for live streaming on Instagram, and lots more.

Why Live Streaming is Popular

Live streaming is the ultimate suspense. Take, for example, a live event like the Superbowl. Millions of people tune in around the world to watch this football game which is only exciting because nobody knows how it's going to end. But live streaming is no longer limited to big events like the Superbowl. Millions of people daily are tuning in live to watch live podcasts, watch people play video games live, live music, and basically everything. Social media platforms like Facebook are heavily favoring live videos over pre-recording videos. According to Hootsuite, live videos get six times more interaction than pre-recorded videos on Facebook. Live videos are a great way to override the algorithm and ensure you are standing out on social media. Still not convinced on live streams? According to New York Magazine and Livestream.com 80% of audiences would prefer to watch a live stream over reading a blog post - we know you love blog posts though ;)

The Best Social Media for Live Streaming

  • YouTube

YouTube Live is a simple way to get started in the world of live streaming. In order to live stream on YouTube you must have at least 1,000 subscribers. You can live stream on YouTube using your webcam or your smartphone with the YouTube mobile app. You can schedule your live stream on YouTube which will allow subscribers to be notified when you go live and also features a live chat section for fans before your live stream starts which will build hype.

  • Instagram

There are some key tips for live streaming on Instagram that will ensure you use the platform to its full streaming potential. Instagram is arguably one of the easiest social media platforms to live stream on. Instagram live streaming is only available on their mobile app and not on your computer. You can prompt viewers with questions, use Instagram filters, and even merge additional guests onto your Instagram live stream. As a bonus, you will have the option to save your Instagram Live to your story once it's finished to get additional views.

  • Facebook

Facebook is a popular choice for live streams because Facebook heavily favors live streams over pre-recorded content. You can live stream on Facebook from your computer or the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone. Facebook allows you to save your live stream to your profile to leverage your content in the future.

Live Stream Trends

One of the bonuses of live video is that production quality typically matters less! Audiences are seeking authenticity more these days than professional and manicured content. As long as your setting looks relatively clean and there is enough light you are ready to go. Don't think you need the perfect set and lights to get started with live streams - just get started! Below we have outlined some of the popular live stream video trends.

  • Project Launch Live Stream

Promote the launch of a new product or project with a live stream! This is a great way to answer people's questions and get more eyes on your launch. Make sure you notify your followers ahead of time about your live stream so they can plan to tune in!

  • Interview Live Stream

Live interviews are becoming more popular with apps like Clubhouse. Setup a live interview with someone related to your demographic and try a live interview. For bonus points, try streaming your interview to multiple platforms; Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

  • Action Live Stream

Live streaming a stunt or any sort of action-related moment is one of the easiest ways to get viewers. If you're a skier, live stream one of your favorite runs, if you're a skateboarder live stream yourself trying to land a certain trick. People are extremely drawn to watching risky stunts performed live because of the uncertainty. Nobody knows if the athlete will land the stunt and that is what makes it exciting to watch!

Social Media Live Streaming in Summary

Social media live streaming isn't going away any time soon! Audiences are getting more into live streams and social media platforms are responding by pushing live video content ahead of pre-recorded videos. Remember, authenticity matters more than production value when it comes to live streaming. You don't need much to get started just a bit of natural light and your smartphone. Get out there and start live streaming!

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