11 April 2021

Top Birthday Video Ideas to Delight and Amuse

We all know "A picture is worth a thousand words"... but how about a video? Can a video message or collage be the most original, personalized type of gift you can give to someone dear? Certainly, given how much you can put into them, birthday video messages are a unique and touching way to make someone's special day more memorable. If you're struggling to come up with birthday video ideas or think the creative process is too daunting, this quick guide will get you on the right track to put together a present like no other.

Why create a birthday video

Let's start with the basics: why come up with a birthday video message instead of the usual gifts? In recent times, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you might think that your friends or loved ones would like nothing more than to switch off from their screens. After all, we've all done nothing but connect to video conferences for months!

However, we've also been starved of human contact. You might not be able to travel and see someone special in person for their birthday, but you can still be more present in their living room through a creative birthday video.

Moreover, video is more engaging than cards and material gifts. Your viewer will get to see your gestures, hear your voice, and feel altogether closer to you through a "Happy Birthday" short video. You don't have to wow them with your acting, but just be yourself.

Finally, create a birthday video to make something memorable for your loved one! You can ask a group of friends to send in videos that you'll edit together into a creative collage. You don't need some fancy birthday video maker - you can even use your phone and a video editing app which will have lots of pre-loaded music, fun backgrounds, and effects you can add. The sky's the limit when it comes to making a personalized gift that your loved one will enjoy playing again and again. 

How to make a birthday video message

You may think that making a birthday video for a friend or family member can be quite cumbersome, especially if you've not filmed and edited videos before. However, learning how to make a birthday video message is as simple as the following steps:

  • Start with a theme

What do they love? Can you create a video around their favorite song or featuring photos from your most cherished holiday together? Or do you want to make a slideshow video set to music? You can ask some other friends and relatives to get additional inspiration, too.

  • Prepare in advance

Firstly, don't leave it until the last minute to put together a birthday video message. You'll put undue pressure on yourself and potentially your collaborators.

If you're considering a video with a group of greetings from various people, make sure to give them plenty of warning and be clear about the type of footage you want to use. There's no point in getting lots of serious messages when you're trying to create a funny montage!

Once you have everyone's contribution, look for the commonalities between the shots, and you may get some additional inspiration or a different angle from what you planned initially.

  • Play around with ideas and effects

Birthdays are special times, so why not go all out for your video? Check out your video editing app's library for special effects, frames, and text overlays to add something extra to your production. And don't be afraid to search online for other great "Happy Birthday" video ideas for inspiration.

  • Make it personal

Whatever the content, it's easy to come up with what to say in a birthday video: be natural and make it personal to the one it's for! Refer to mutually cherished memories, to their cat, to their favorite drink... anything to make them smile and feel loved on their special day. 

The best and easiest "Happy Birthday" video ideas

If you've scoured your photo albums, memories, and the Internet, and are still wondering how to make the best birthday video, here are some additional ideas to get you started. 

Birthday video inspiration for a special friend

Throw it back with memories

Remember your road trip from a few years ago and all the silly photos you took of your friend? How about some old-school footage, like actual school-era content? Memories bring a smile to our faces and make us feel closer to each other, so a montage of your favorite memories together will make an excellent birthday video for your friend.

Party recap/best-of montage

Speaking of montages, remember their previous birthday party? You're sure to have photos and maybe even videos of it! You can put them together in a funny birthday video that reminds them of the special times spent together, with the promise of good times to come.

If you don't have a lot of this sort of footage, but know others who do, give yourself some extra time and gather it all together, then edit it into a masterpiece.

Interviews to laugh out loud to

Here's a great example of funny birthday video ideas that can be done with very little technology: ask people to tell you a funny story about your friend on camera. You'll be surprised by how many gems you could uncover!

Or, make it a competitive call-out asking all your friends to contribute the best anecdote, sit back, and reap the rewards. 

Cute birthday video ideas

Photo collage

If you're looking for ideas for romantic messages and birthday video ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend, the trusted photo collage is a great bet. Pick a number of your favorite photos together through the years and make a timeline slideshow accompanied by some good music. Or, maybe a collection of photos from previous birthdays? You'll know which photos are most likely to put a smile on their face, and all you need to do is edit them together with a nice opening message to set the scene.

Special heartfelt message

Sometimes, raw, simple footage can be the most effective. You can record a birthday message directly with your phone camera without any frills or additional effects, and make your feelings known. This is more on the romantic side of birthday video ideas... don't be surprised to see some tears!

Mix of all your friends

Back to funnier feelings: ask all your friends to contribute a message of their own and edit it together into a cute video. Give everyone a theme, such as asking them to dress up in costume, or include one phrase or word in their message. This is a fun challenge and will result in some video gold for your birthday message.

Birthday video ideas for your mom or dad

Use a quote or music

When it comes to a birthday video for your mom or dad, you might want to strike a more sentimental chord. To do this, start your video with a quote they love or set your video to music. You can use a photo montage or a selection of fun videos of them through the years, overlaid with their favorite song.

A birthday album

Your parents probably love seeing a photo album of you through the years, but how about one of their life? This can be a team effort with your siblings and other family members, where you dig out photos from your mom or dad's childhood to the present day. You might even try to snoop through their old family albums!

Either way, creating an animated timeline of photos with a heartfelt message at the end will give you a great "Happy Birthday" short video for your parents to cherish.

Remember that the best birthday video ideas are the ones that come from your common experiences and memories... after all, they're about the birthday boy/girl before anyone and anything else! Have fun editing and adding cute special effects to your birthday videos, and enjoy the happy reactions of your loved ones!

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