12 July 2021

How to Create Business Videos That Promote Your Work: A Quick Guide

Content marketing is essential for creating organic engagement and growing a business’ footprint digitally, especially in an era where so many of us get most of our information on the Internet. Among content marketing, video leads the way in engagement and commercial effectiveness. Websites with video content on their pages have 20% more conversions and video on landing pages sees 80% more success. As a result, learning how to create business videos to introduce your brand, your products, and your story to your audience is extremely important. 

Most people prefer to watch video content rather than read - 72% of those polled prefer video marketing. This means that anything, from product presentations to resumes, can be made better if filmed through a lens. Moreover, social media users love video and these platforms all feature a video component. Let’s have a look at how to make a video for your business that showcases the best you have to offer and helps you stand out from your competitors.

Key tips on how to make video for business promotion

To promote your business, you need to first have a solid marketing plan in place, including some market research that will allow you to point out your unique selling points, how you bring value to your potential clients, and what you offer that meets your clients’ needs. This all blends together with video planning when it comes to making a video for your business.

Define your brand

If you want to know how to create an awesome demo for your business, you first need to define your business. This isn’t just about deciding on your name and what your core services are, but more like a deep dive into what drives your business. Think of business strategy tools like “Knowing Your Why” and write down the main points that define your brand. You also want to write down a mission and a set of values. When you shoot your video, include these throughout your content.

Know your audience

Good knowledge of your target audience will drive your style, your video content, and the platforms you’ll use to share your business presentation. There’s no point in creating a Facebook business page video and channeling your marketing into Facebook if your core clientele is in the 18-25 age group and predominantly uses TikTok and Instagram!

This is because you can only focus on so many channels and marketing strategies at a time (as we explain below). Therefore, do some research into the marketing personas of your target audience and use this to define the type of content you’ll include in your video and where your video marketing will be shared.

Diversify your content

Let’s say you’ve published your first business video outlining your mission and your core services. Well done! But, the work doesn’t end here. To make video for business promotion goals, you’ll need to keep creating interesting and engaging content that creates loyalty with your audience and allows them to get to know your brand.

Make sure you diversify the type of content you put out on video, by getting some inspiration from the business video ideas below. 

Be consistent 

Another key to successful video marketing is to post consistently. Beyond your pillar content made up of the introductory video presentation of your brand and maybe a few “meet the team” and “behind the scenes” shots, you need to maintain the connection with your audience by posting frequently. When you think about how to make a video for your business, however, this doesn’t always need to be a big production. Consistent content posting can mean creating “day in the life” or product update videos on your mobile phone, maintaining a casual conversational tone, for example.

Staying in touch with your audience will ensure they develop loyalty towards your brand. 

Engage with your audience

In order to maintain engagement, try and communicate with your audience directly. This can mean making additional demos based on feedback you have from the comments on previous videos. Or set up some live Q&A sessions on YouTube or Instagram. Advertise these in advance and get your customers to post questions which you can use as inspiration for making videos for business promotion in the future. 

Focus on two social media channels

Especially when you start to create business videos, and if you intend to post regularly, pick two social media channels to use primarily. Once your business grows, you may have additional resources to develop into more channels, or you might diversify your products or services so you address different demographics. Start small and grow organically. 

Business video ideas you need to try

If you type “how to make a marketing video for my business” into Google, the first results focus on selling you video editors and software including templates that take the originality out of the video production process. However, content is king and - as long as you have clearly defined ideas of what your message is - you don’t need fancy equipment or software when looking at how to create an awesome demo for your business. In fact, you can film excellent business videos with your phone and using a video editing app in post-production will make your videos look polished and enticing.

To make your videos successful, here are the main types of footage you should look to include for your business.

  • Customer reviews and testimonials

These are great for demonstrating what your products and services can bring to clients. Make sure they showcase what you do best. For example, if you’re a realtor, shoot a video with a satisfied home buyer in the house they bought with your help. 

  • Social media updates

Low-key and casual, straight-to-camera updates you can film on your mobile phone are great for building engagement with younger demographics. They make great promotional videos because they create a bond between your brand and your social media followers. 

  • Your story - brand and personal

Especially if you’re looking into how to make a video for your business at the start of your career in a domain, having one brand story video and one personal one (like a “meet the team” story or a video resume for yourself) can help newcomers to your website or social media understand what you’re about. It’s quicker and more engaging than a long company bio or written resume. 

  • Behind the scenes footage

You can create business videos that include footage behind the scenes, like a “day in the life” series with your team. For example, a video showing how your team cooks delivery meals in your catering business, or one of you or your buyer getting all the produce at the market beforehand, will show your audience how you conduct your day-to-day operations and simultaneously humanize the business and make it look very professional. 

  • Business presentations

For more serious content that you display on your website and perhaps YouTube and Facebook landing pages, create an awesome demo for your business or a historic overview and introduction to your company. 

  • Product reveal videos

In line with social media updates, product reveal videos are amazing at building hype for your new releases. Tease these in advance on social media, giving hints as to what’s coming, and create marketing videos that showcase the best features of your new products.

How to create a Facebook business page video

Facebook is an essential marketing platform for businesses, allowing you to connect with your customers for enquiries and direct orders, to create an online marketplace, and to build your brand’s online presence with videos, photos, and more.

Here’s how to create Facebook business page video that converts visitors into customers:

  • Be creative with angles and footage
  • Animate your static images and re-purpose photos
  • Highlight your benefits with succinct descriptive text overlaid on your animated videos
  • Mix animation with real-life footage
  • Create timelapse videos that show your business at work 
  • Use tutorials and instructional videos to help your clients get to grips with your product line 
  • Use live videos to engage with your audience and conduct informal market research
  • Always include captions in case viewers are scrolling through on mute.

There’s no need to worry about how to create business videos to capture your audience’s attention and get them to understand your brand and your product range. With the help of your mobile phone and a video editing app, you can unleash your creativity and put together videos for business promotions, intro videos, product videos, and more. Remember to follow your audience’s key interests and always be consistent with your posting!

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