24 March 2021

How to shoot product videos that get sales: A simple guide

Do you remember the best advertisements you've seen for products? What sticks with you: the story, the tagline, the product itself? How many of those ads were successful in making you buy what they were selling? If you're looking into how to shoot product videos, these questions definitely pop into your mind. From conception to delivery and then promotion, product videos are a key advertising tool for any business, no matter the size.

Product videos enable brands to showcase the best features of their products and to familiarize potential buyers with all the details from a distance. This makes them convenient for busy customers and extends your market worldwide. An engaging product video presentation also enables brands to stand out from the competition and offer something different, which will grab customers' attention from the sea of similar catalogs and print ads.

If you want to learn how to film product videos, it doesn't matter if you're the creator of the products or trying to drum up hype for them as an online influencer. You're in the right place to get the best tips for shooting a product video that sells, with your mobile, anywhere you might be. Here is how to get started.

How to shoot a product video without being an expert

You don't need to be an expert videographer to create great product videos. You do, however, need to do some upfront research, be mindful of trends, and ensure you produce content that will boost your brand's visibility online.

Here are the first steps for how to make a product advertisement video that stands out from the competition.

  1. Start with a plan

Before you film product videos, it helps to visualize the scenes you'll shoot and also make a list of the key product features you want to highlight. Time yourself to ensure your video isn't too long, either - marketing videos should be no longer than 2 minutes to keep your audience watching. For Instagram or TikTok, you need to aim for 1 minute maximum!

  1. Consider the style

Will you speak over the video or will you play music? Will you add some written text to point out the key aspects of your product that buyers should know about? Finally, will you be in the frame yourself?

Many influencers create product videos where they address their audience directly and speak about the way in which they use the product they're promoting. But, when considering how to shoot product videos, you may want to go down a more understated route and just show the product and nothing else. In this case, it helps to have some features highlighted in writing to grab the viewers' attention.

  1. Be consistent

If you make product videos on your website for every item you're selling, they will look more professional if they follow the same pattern and style. Don't change the lighting, music, or angles dramatically, except if there is something specific that a particular product requires.

  1. Use a tripod to steady your hand

No one can keep a 100% steady hand at all times! To make a product advertisement video without shaky hands, use a tripod for your mobile phone.

  1. Use video editing software

A good video editing app will help make your product videos stand out. Add special effects, your business logo, your key features text, or some background music to your work. As you learn how to create a promotional video for your product, you'll see that all you need is your mobile, some good ideas, and a video editing app!

How to nail the details of your product video

Remember the saying "The devil is in the details"? It doesn't have to be the case for you! As you look at how to film product videos, you'll come across a lot of advice about manipulating the details in order to make your video look professional. Here are our top tips.

  • Choose a good background

You want your item to stand out so organize your filming session in a decluttered, simply decorated space. If you have access to a room where you can create a monochrome backdrop, that is ideal.

Alternatively, perhaps you want your background to convey a brand ethos: for example, if you're promoting beachwear, shoot all your product videos with the sea and sand behind them.

  • Insert some camera movement

One interesting detail that some brands use is added camera movement to make the product video more dynamic. Whether you move from one end of your product to the other in slow motion or use some zooming effects, make sure these suit the features that you're looking to capture.

How to create product videos with smooth movements when you're not an expert camera operator? Just use your video editing app to slow down camera movement and create slow motion in post-production! You can do the same for some zoom-in sections.

  • Lighting

You don't need an elaborate set-up, but when researching how to make a product video presentation, lighting is always important. When shooting with your phone, you won't need to invest in too much equipment, but make sure you have at least one bright light to create a spotlight effect against a dark background if that's the set-up you're using.

Also, be aware of natural lighting and check to see what angles work best for your video before shooting the whole thing.

Go for the 360 look

Whether you're shooting a product advertisement video for YouTube or a short segment for Instagram stories, a 360-degree view makes your film a lot more compelling and complete. It also helps preempt questions from your viewers and it gives them a good idea of details you might forget to mention in writing. Finally, this sort of filming helps buyers visualize how they would use your product or how it would fit in their homes - and this can make the difference in choosing to buy your item over a different one.

If you're wondering how to make 360 product video without an expert film studio, you can build your own turntable at home to easily create sleek all-around footage. Check out this tutorial for a DIY turntable for product photography which can suit filming, too.

Finally, if you don't want to build anything, you'll need to walk around your product in a 360-degree shoot. You can make this work with the aid of a tripod and by situating your product on a high enough stand that you can film without having to bend your back (this will improve your stability). After shooting your product video, smooth it out and slow it down with your video editing app.

Picking the right platform to share your video

There are different benefits to consider when showcasing your video on social media. For example, if you're wondering how to make product videos for Instagram, you'll find that these need to be more visually appealing and shorter than for YouTube. You might also need to create product videos in different styles to match your website vs a social media channel.

Instagram is an extremely successful product marketing platform, thanks to its visual appeal and the fact that it is pretty much designed like a product catalog! To make your videos stand out on this platform, here are some quick tips:

  • Captivate your audience from the first seconds

Most people scroll through their social media feed relatively quickly, so your first 2 seconds need to grab their attention.

  • Put a catchy bit of text on

The majority of Instagram users scroll through it on mute, maybe during a train commute or because Instagram video is muted by default. A one-liner at the start of your video will make them want to stop and watch, but catchy music might never be heard.

  • Use the right format

Unlike Facebook or YouTube, Instagram won't allow viewers to enlarge the video when watching it. So, create product videos that are already formatted for Instagram to make the most of the visual space.

  • Make it loopable

It's great to catch someone's eye with a glimpse of your product, but setting your video to play in a loop means they can admire your product video presentation on repeat before they move on down their timeline.

No matter how much budget or equipment you have when you start out, this guide on how to shoot product videos ensures you'll produce great content from your mobile phone. Remember to research your audience and establish your target market, frame your video so it's interesting and unique, and make the most of your video editing app to enhance the end product. Happy filming!

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