24 March 2021

Where to get royalty free music for your videos

Where are the best places to get royalty free music for youtube videos, royalty free intro music, and royalty free music for any video project you're working on? Finding good music that you can legally use for your videos isn't always easy! Maybe you're looking for royalty free intro music, royalty free meditation music, royalty free instrumental music, royalty free jazz music. Finding the right song for your video can be one of the most frustrating parts of making a video but it is also crucial. So you might be thinking, where can I get royalty free music? Luckily, over the last 5 years, a huge amount of royalty free music platforms have emerged which makes finding music for your videos much easier. In this article, we are going to discuss where to find royalty free music for your videos. We will feature some paid royalty free subscription services as well as some free music options.

What is Royalty Free Music?

Music can make your video amazing or it can make it a lot worse! Picking the right song for your videos is essential to creating videos that stand out. Although it would be fun to just use the music of our favorite artists, getting the legal rights to popular songs is extremely expensive and involves a huge amount of legal paperwork. If you use a copyrighted song without permission that could lead to a copyright strike on your channel and potentially further legal issues. Royalty free music offers a great solution to the struggle of legally getting music for your videos!

Royalty free music allows the user to pay for a song once and use it for as long as desired under that one fee. This is in contrast to music that has royalties where the musicians will get paid "per-listen" or paid per-use of their song. It is important to note that not all royalty free music is free of cost but it just means you aren't paying per-use of the song. We will also show you where you can find free royalty free music. Here are some of our favorite sites for royalty free music:

Where to Find Royalty Free Music

  • Artlist

Artlist is a premium royalty free music subscription service. With one monthly fee, you get unlimited access to their catalog of over +1,000 songs. An Artlist subscription is $16 per month and that also includes access to a huge bank of sound effects also. You can browse their music library by genre, instrument or mood. Browsing by mood is a great way to find a song that matches the tone and style of your film. Artlist is one of the most popular royalty free music websites around. Artlists's popularity is good because it allows them to upload new music regularly however you might find you hear the same royalty free songs in a lot of places. Artlist is a great mid-level royalty free website to get music for your videos.

  • Splice Video Editor & Maker

The Splice Video Editor & Maker App has a great selection of royalty free music available at no extra charge to the editing software. You can browse the music genre and feel which is a great way to find the right song! One of the bonuses about using Splice's music library is that your song will be imported directly into your video timeline with a single click! Splice also has a huge bank of sound effects that you can use at no extra cost. If you are editing your videos on your smartphone Splice Video Editor is one of the best places to find royalty free music.

  • Musicbed

Musicbed is one of the highest quality royalty free subscription services. Arguably, Musicbed has one of the more professional catalogs of music to use once you subscribe. A subscription on Musicbed starts at $19.99 per month for an individual and can go up to $100 per month for bigger businesses. Musicbed has one of the more advanced search filter setups for users. The most unique feature they have is that you can listen to playlists based on your video's vibe. Some of their playlist genres include; travel, hip hop, power, acoustic, uplifting cinematic, and many more. Musicbed would be the recommended source for those that want extremely well-produced music and are willing to pay a bit more for it.

  • Youtube

There is more than one way to find royalty free music on YouTube. YouTube has a royalty free music library that you can access when you are signed in. This library doesn't have the best music. Most of YouTube's royalty free music is slightly cheesy and basic. Another way to find music on youtube is by searching "Royalty Free Music". This will yield a huge amount of results of songs that people have uploaded for free use. Double-check with the person who published the song that it is okay that you use it for your project. Between these two methods, YouTube is a great place to find royalty free music for your videos.

Royalty Free Music Summary

Between Artlist, Splice App, Musicbed and YouTube there is an endless amount of royalty free music for videos out there. The key is trying to find music that isn't overused or that sounds very corporate and cheesy. Always double-check that you have read over the license before purchasing your royalty free music to ensure you have the rights to use it for your project. Start cruising the sources above to find some song styles that you like before committing to one platform. Get out there and keep on creating!

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